About Us

Our Revolution Southern Oregon is in process of organizing.

Receive Information – Join Us – Volunteer

If you would like to join us and receive information from us, please send an email to OurRevolutionSouthernOregon@gmail.org with your name, email address and zip code. If you’d like to include your telephone number or have comments, questions, or interest in volunteering, please include — we’d love to hear from you! And we will keep you informed of what we’re doing. We are an all volunteer organization and we appreciate your involvement.


Please read the mission of Our Revolution to gain an understanding of the goals we are trying to achieve.


We are in process of setting up roles of leadership and workgroups and will soon post information to that.  Check our Events page for meetings, actions, and activities.

Contact Us

If you have questions, please email OurRevolutionSouthernOregon@gmail.org.

ORSO Communications Chair — Sarah Spansail