ORSO Working Committees

Please join us at the April 15 “Roll Out” of our first public meeting with orientation from 3-5pm at the Medford Public Library (full information on front home page).  At this meeting committees will be more fully explained.  One of our purposes at this meeting is to offer people the opportunity to sit in with a committee (or several) to see where their skills fit well and to make sure they will enjoy being involved in the support structure.   ORSO’s committees are in process of forming with coordinators in place for the four basic ones below.

To find out more about each committee, the work involved and support skills needed, see below (we are in process of supplying more information soon):

  • Administrative Committee
  • Candidates Review Committee
  • Legislative Committee: Advancing the well-being of all people within the United States by championing legislation nationally, statewide and locally.
  • Messaging & Outreach:
    • Public Relations and control of branding/consistency
    • Press releases, copy writing
    • Speakers
    • Media (design/production of materials, photography & video)
    • Networking
  • Communications:
    • Information Technology
      • Website
        • WordPress – Create new pages, copy and paste text into pages/editing
        • Advanced WordPress skills
        • Create forms to new database tables
        • SQL database skills (export to csv excel file to update email list, build new tables and flow data entry into)
        • GUI builder to search database
      •  Facebook (Create events and share to multiple organization facebook pages – need large personal facebook following)
      • Gmail communications
        • Upload excel csv file of new members or other group
        • Make list sends by BCC
        • Google Calendar entries
  • Event Planning: